My Goldilocks Moment — and looking for more than “Just Right”

After leaving Twitter, I had what I could probably best describe as my Goldilocks Moment. Because it was a bit like being out in the wilds, just looking for a place to belong.

I had set myself off on an adventure to find the next good fit. And like with Goldilocks, 3 very different kinds of opportunities presented themselves. Question was — which would be “just right”?

I had pretty serious conversations with TV networks, encouraging me to look back into that world, this time bringing with me what I’ve learned from across the digital divide.

And there were the competitive social platforms offering similar positions where I could do more of what I’ve been enjoying these last 4 years.

What’s true is that either choice could have absolutely been “just right”.

But, I thought, by setting out at this particular time in my life and on this particular adventure, maybe I didn’t want to settle in with “just right”. This was my shot to do something I’d never done before. Maybe I wanted more.

A third option, one that I found intriguing and invigorating started to percolate. An opportunity to join a company, one that’s well-established but still a newcomer in the intersection of tech and media. One with founders looking to bolster their C-Suite and who are energetic about moving their company to the next level. And who were looking for someone to help them build something they intend to be transformative.

By joining Diply and the impressive team at GoViral as their first CSO — I’m signing up to do exactly that. I’m so very excited about the choice I’ve made — because I think it’s an opportunity, a role and a company that’s going to be more than “just right”.

I think it’s going to be amazing. 🙋🏼