Thank you, but I think your view may change as well, if you saw your loved one die in your arms due…
Dominique Aguiar

How do you know I have not? I grew up in a tough neighborhood and saw my fair share of blood and death. Light going out in the eyes of someone you know, that you care about, that you even love. I’m no stranger to gun violence. But they were NEVER mass shootings. It just didn’t happen. They were targeted. Bullets meant for someone who had wronged someone else in some minute way.

Today it’s easy to get a gun, easier to buy a gun than to get a driver’s license. Read that again. It is easier to buy a gun than to get a valid driver’s license. We’ve had more mass shootings in 2015 than days of the year. If this doesn’t trouble you, I don’t know, I feel sorry for you. For your complete and utter dismissal of these facts, for your determination to not even acknowledge that the world has changed and our laws need to catch up with that, and for your absolute insistence that carrying arms will help you. They did not help the soldiers at Fort Hood and they did not help the victims of PP (which yes, had an armed security guard onsite). Owning a gun, knowing how to aim and shoot a gun is no guarantee that you would survive an attack. But making guns harder to get — harder than a driver’s license — has been proven to make a world of difference. Look at Australia if you need a modern example.

Your reaction is based on emotion and your personal history. I implore you to take a step back and look at the situation we’ve found ourselves in with a rational, objective and curious mind. Do some research into the number of murders committed by people who bought their guns legally. Take a hard look at the number of children gunned down each year (guns is the number one killer of children in the US). Recognize that this is the modern world we have created and that corrections need to happen.

One more thought — your second ammendment right in no way trumps my right to life, liberty and safety. My safety and my right to live is more important than your right to buy and own weapons. The end.