Day 29 of the photo a day series
Elizabeth Helmich

I think being young of heart, full of joy and appetite for life, is something we should ever try to preserve. Growing older, however, to me means: maturing. Growing deeper and wiser and richer, much like very good wine. I find a lot of things are easier now that I no longer want to be a youngster and hold on to everlasting youth. Youth and its beauty are wonderful, but they are only one phase. I no more want to hold on to being a toddler than I want to hold on to being ‘young’.

Life begins at forty, is what they say in French, and in a way that’s how it works for me. I turned forty just a few weeks ago, and I used the moment to mark it as a symbolic gateway.
I decided to call together a Soul Circle, a gathering of special friends who had helped me become the person I am today. I wanted to thank all of them, personally, and claim what I felt to be a crossing into a brand-new phase of my life, a phase filled with spiritual work in the service of Soul, in their presence. It was a very special afternoon.

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