Masculinity, anime, and gender dysphoria

Interesting read, and recognizable in several ways (as a kid I always imagined myself as a boy, and I will always be somewhere in the middle of the spectrum), even if I agree with some of the comments that parts of your theories might profit from more study or nuance.

I think it is particularly true that in large parts of society boys are ‘socialized’ in such a way as to self-mutilate all that is deemed feminine. These feelings and needs will out, somehow, either through agression or depression. I wrote an article about this exact same subject earlier. You can find it here:

Whatever we have within us but for some reason don’t allow to come forth, will find a way to bubble to the surface, usually a less healthy or harmonious one than if we had allowed it to surface in the first place. That’s what this other piece is about…

All the best to you!

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