I’m growing my own food. Today we planted hundreds of seeds for corn, beetroot, carrot, radishes and tomatoes. How is this possible? When I live inner city, with a town house ‘backyard’ best described as a diminutive corner full of pebbles and weeds.

It began at a biodynamic farm a short drive from where I live. The legendary farmer who runs this farm, offered my friend and I, some land to grow veggies on. We’ve called it ‘the patch’ for now. Not only do we get access to the land, but our farmer friend has prepared the soil with eight beds (each about twenty meters long) ready to go. We spent some time last week setting up the drip irrigation system.

The other half of the story is I’ve left full time work as a health professional behind. Yesterday was my last day in a job I’ve been in for almost seven years. I can now spend my energy, and the best part of a day, outside growing and learning. There is definitely a lot to learn. I’ve started this project with limited knowledge and zip experience.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.