3 years at Friday

I’ve learned a great deal from being inside a developing department in a stretching company. (Largely that we’re all just making it up as we go, the big companies and the little ones, shh.) The bravery of experimentation, the culture that encourages it, and the sharing of results — that’s what a collaborative design dept looks like in an exciting digital company.

There needs to be room for teaching and guiding, practiced expertise needs to be evident, it needs to prop up the youthful vigour of experimentation. Strong people supporting the fast runners.

I’ve learned the rhythm and pace of experience maps, taught sketch noting, made countless journeys, workshops, prototype tools galore, a handful of grey-lined wireframes, written specs, written jira tickets and test cases, learned specification by example, reported bugs, jumped into style sheets and photoshop files, learned about component libraries and how to design responsively.

Learning how to talk about organisations in states of change, visualising the intangible moments within them and planning approaches for change will be immensely useful in my future. Getting inside an organisation and adopting it’s language, understanding it’s pace and navigating its characters are all tools up my sleeves now.

I’ll miss these clever and bold people dearly, they’ve taught me a lot. I’m looking forward to putting those teachings into practice out in the world. Friday’s people are brilliant individually but even better together, in constantly changing combinations. I do hope they continue to do good things together.

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