Influencer Marketing Technology — For Influencers.

Let’s face it, influencer marketing has shifted from trend to daily reality. Every brand is looking to connect with an up and coming social star, and every marketing site is talking about it. AdTech platforms and automation tools are appearing around every online corner — rich with detail and data. Technology-driven business are in a race to build the biggest, smartest Influencer platforms that connect brands to social influencers across the globe. If you don’t believe me, believe in Google search results. Influencer Marketing was labeled a ‘breakout’ term in 2015 after experiencing growth of over 5 000 percent.

In 2015 we saw the rise of Influencer marketing platforms backed by funding, some aligned to certain channels like Snapchat or Twitter and others offering multi channel offerings — but most of these platforms have one thing in common.

They control the transaction.

The marketer and Influencer meet on their platform and transaction is housed there from start to end. Similar to the AirBNB model. The main reason for this is security of information, money and control. For AirBNB hosts this model makes total sense — because without AirBNB their apartments are practically undiscoverable. But Influencers are a bit different. We know they are influencers because they have already been discovered — they are after all, the modern day ‘social’ celebrities of our time.

That got us thinking over at Webfluential. What if we could offer the same security of information, money and control to influencers — but also give them the power to control their own transactions?

Sounds crazy — but as an industry evolves, so must the technology that supports it.

One thing we’ve learnt in the last year is that brands may hold the budget, but the influencers hold the power. We’re talking about the MummyBlogger’s and Caspar Lee’s of the world — social stars who have broken away from the pack to turn their online influence into a full-time career.

With a combined Twitter following of just under 3.5 Million, I think it’s safe to say these two influencers don’t need help being discovered. But as the Influencer Marketing trend turns into a reality for brands across the globe, and more marketers start looking to contract influencers to share their branded stories — what influencers like this will need is security of information, money and control.

With that thinking in mind. The team at Webfluential set out to create technology that didn’t yet exist, and this week it officially went live.

Booked By Webfluential gives influencers complete control to take bookings anywhere, anytime, from any brand.

As an influencer your data secure, your payments are guaranteed, your reports are automated, and chat areas are provided so you can be in control of content collaboration.

Turning your online influence into a full-time career just became a reality.