Top 20 Car Maintenance and Performance Apps

Have you ever wondered just how well your car is performing and what your fuel economy is like? Do you often forget about getting your car serviced, performing regular checks and changing engine oil? Want to know how economical and environmentally-friendly your driving is?

We’ve put together this handy list of the top 20 car maintenance and performance apps, plus a few nifty other resources to take your driving experience to the next level and keep you safe on the road. Get further car care tips from the experts and have the ultimate driving experience.

Fuel Economy and Maintenance Scheduling Apps


Log and manage your fillups, fuel economy, maintenance, expenses, trips and services. Set reminders for engine oil, air filter, etc. Keep a record of all your vehicles in the one app.

Free — Andriod


Manages vehicles maintenance schedules and records service and fuel records. Stores multiple vehicle information. Reports MPG, stats, gas and service expenses with customisable service reminders.

$1.99 — Android and $3.99 — ios


Find service center reviews and book services, set reminders about upcoming car maintenance, lists car expenses and statistics. Shop for car accessories and find insurance costs.

Free — Android and ios


Car gas log tracker, service checker and scheduler. Track how much engine oil your car consumes as it ages and wears, how fast your tires lose air and how often you need to change your time belts and transmission oil.

Free — Android


At-a-glance view of scheduled maintenance. Predictive features ‘learn’ user driving history, automatically tracking mileage and timely maintenance alerts.

Free — ios

Gas Cubby FREE

Gas Cubby FREE is a fuel economy and service log. Designed to save you money and keep your vehicle operating it’s best by sending out customisable service reminders and tracking vehicle maintenance.

Free (plus paid version with no ads) — ios


Automatically displays service history and signals when it’s time for scheduled maintenance activities. Track auto repair and service history for up to 5 vehicles. View recommended maintenance schedule and set alerts. Includes repair cost estimates.

Free — Android and ios

My Firestone

Keep track of maintenance milestones and service recommendations from your vehicles manufacturer. Remembers where you parked, tracks your mileage and download service records. Makes it easy to schedule service appointments, shop and contact roadside assistance.

Free — Android and ios

My Fuel Tracker

Track your cars fuel consumption. Includes detailed tracking of all maintenance tasks and sets automatic notifications to remind you when repairs and maintenance tasks are due.

Free — Android


One-touch access to roadside assistance, finds you a good, nearby mechanic, records all repairs and lets you know the right price to pay.

Free — Android and ios

Performance Metrics Apps

Car Dashdroid

Car Dashdroid has all the features needed of a great car dashboard and even includes a built in music player, which sets it apart from other car dashboard apps. Can switch between international units.

Free — Android


Displays advanced engine data, including check engine light information, horsepower, torque, acceleration. Monitor and improve fuel economy with customisable gauges. Requires a third party hardware interface in order to communicate with the car (sold separately)

Free (requires hardware connection, sold separately) — Android and ios

Dynolicious Classic

Measure your cars 0–60 acceleration, horsepower, lateral G’s and other performance metrics. Test results are all saved in order to view average trends.

$8.99 — ios


Computes your cars power and fuel usage characteristics and evaluates your driving in order to increase efficiency, lower your environmental impact and reduce fuel consumption and cost.

$5.99 — ios

Speedometer Speed Box

Speedometer and GPS app with maximum and average speed, altitude, odometer, speed warning signal. Records historic data.

$3.99 — ios


See what your car is doing in realtime. Customise your dashboard with the widgets you want. Show and reset fault codes like a scantool, helping to keep repair costs down.

$4.95 — ios


Measure your efficiency as a driver and improve your eco-friendly driving techniques with TripAlyzer. Record fuel economy, estimate current speed and calculate your average MPG.

$5.99 — ios

Other Maintenance and Performance Apps

Car Journal

Keep track of your travel, Car Journal records your mileage with auto time and date stamps. Export data in separated values in order to distinguish between work and personal travel.

Free — Android


An augmented reality driving app used to improve your driving in real time using camera and sensors to detect vehicles ahead, alerting driver to danger. Includes, collision, tailgating and off road warnings, plus driving analytics.

$4.99 — Android and ios


An auto accident assistant, iWrecked features a fully detailed accident log and history. Preview and send accident reports with images (PDF). Save all info about an accident for easy access later.

Free — Android and ios

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