GDS continued support of responsive web

The GDS has banned mobile apps in favour of responsive web design that of course, will work on mobile & tablet devices. This seems to be a continued & supported design decision to put emphasis on the consistent User Experience across multi platform devices opposed to a previously disjointed mobile/web or tablet experience.

There had been a backlash & the user voted with their ‘show as desktop’ button when on a mobile or tablet version of the site. Some information was only accessible to the user on the desktop site which peaked in frustration & drop off rates.

As agencies & companies understand better the sheer reach of User Experience, we will hope to see continued seamless experience across the variety digital platforms, & of course, non-digital platforms too. UX doesn’t stop at the web as most dissatisfied customers who have have battle through long waits & unhelpful service when dialling out to a call centre, will rightly know.

This move away from apps will & has already shown a great reduction in cost for companies as they no longer have to contend with yearly updates & only one platform needs to be coded & maintained in order for the site to remain user friendly.

I’m going to be closely watching GDS as the front runners for digital change, let’s see who follows suit!