New Media Applications

New Media Applications have effected society in numerous ways. These applications could be in the form of smartphones, tablets, notebook laptops and smart televisions.


Smartphones are mobile devices that possess functions similar to that of a computer. The features of the smartphone include being able to access the internet, Active display (where information appears when it becomes relevant), paying with your phone and allows phone calls and messages to be forwarded to other devices.

Smartphones have changed society in a great way in regards to communication. Instead of only using the internet at home now people are able to access it anywhere at any time. Although smartphones have given us a wide range of features and have made communication far more accessible there are those that argue that this may not be entirely a good thing. There are those that believe that smartphone could be making us lazy in regards to the way we think. From the University of Waterloo researchers performed studies on 600 people who used the smartphone. Gordon Pennycook a PHD for the University believes that the over use of smartphones has led to limited intellect.

“Our research provides support for an association between heavy smartphone use and lowered intelligence”.

Gordon Pennycook believes this as if we have a question we tend not to think for ourselves anymore we just go straight to the internet to find the answer. I however disagree with this statement as even though we are able to find information at the touch of a button I don’t think it necessarily makes people less intelligent. I simply think it means we can find the information quicker and even though we are not necessarily thinking of the answer we are finding the answer and possibly learning more from the internet than what we bargained for in the first place.

Technology is always advancing so what can we expect for the future use of smartphones. Some examples of predicted new technology for smartphones include flexible screens where you could literally bend your phone, projections of your screen and even augmented reality where what you see on the screen is heightened by sight giving you extra detail from the image.


The Tablet is a portable computer device that allow you to access the internet. The key features of the Tablet Include internet connection, a camera, Apps and storage space.

The tablet such as the IPad has changed society in a great way. The idea is that the tablet is like a computer only one that s more easily accessible and is not confined to a desk. Where in the past computers were mostly used for business and sending emails the tablet was now a place where you could listen to music, connect with people and enjoy movies along with many other features. Like many other technical devices, the tablet searches the internet on a broad scale and has even been introduced in classrooms as a learning tool. While this is useful there has been discussion that it may not be all that suitable for learning as it causes too many distractions as in many schools they are considering whether to switch from textbooks to tablets. One argument states:

“They say that tablets can hold hundreds of textbooks, save the environment by lowering the amount of printing, increase student interactivity and creativity, and that digital textbooks are cheaper than print textbooks”.

While the other argument reads,

“Opponents of tablets say that they are expensive, too distracting for students, easy to break, and costly/time-consuming to fix. They say that tablets contribute to eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision, increase the excuses available for students not doing their homework, require costly Wi-Fi networks, and become quickly outdated as new technologies are released”.

Both of these arguments for the use of tablets in school I feel make a very good point. With a textbook there will be no distractions as it is simply the book and nothing else however in disagreement to the second argument I feel that a tablet probably would be better in the long run. I feel this way as if you just have a plain book where you are to read this can be rather boring and can cause people to shut off from doing their work. If you have a tablet however even though there are distractions like social media, you are still able to alternate between the two of study and enjoyment which I feel could help people be more interested in the task as you are not being forced to constantly look at it.

For the future of tablets it is predicted that like mobile phones they will become even more sleek and slender and probably come with a detachable keyboard.

Notebook Laptops

Notebook Laptops are a small portable type of laptop that allows you to access it other than a desktop. The features of the notebook include being light weight, portable without the use of a cable and are also small in size so this makes travel easier than if you were carrying a laptop. Notebooks laptops have also changed society in a great way. When the desktop computer was originally released it was mostly used for sending emails and for business reasons. This is why notebook are especially effective today as you are able to connect anywhere and continue your work or business anywhere since the notebook is so small and portable but still allows you to work normally and has a keyboard just like a laptop or desktop computer. Even though this is very useful there has been dispute to whether the notebook is better than say a laptop. Laptops and notebooks of course have different features that may make them better or worse. Laptops of course are bigger and allow you to have more storage but the notebook is portable so this would be useful to do your work anywhere. Notebooks are often being given hardware for professionals so they can do their work at home however this is not always useful.

“Despite these advances in some niche professions, tablets are often not suitable for hard core gamers, presentation arrangement and creation, or heavy researching tasks sought after by a large portion of the population”

For this reason I feel that a Laptop instead of a notebook could be better as with a notebook they are trying to store as much in something so small that it might not have all the capabilities of a larger computer. If you are looking for something smaller as well a laptop still may work as they have been built smaller and thinner during recent years.

The future for notebooks is predicted to be a mixture of laptop and notebook together so that there characteristics are both combined.

“These touchscreen-touting laptop-tablet hybrids, like Microsoft’s Surface lineup, let you pick whichever form factor best suits your needs for a given moment: Laptop mode for hardcore productivity, tablet mode for browsing the daily headlines”. Like it says between switching between laptop and the more tablet style of working it gives you the option to decide what device you want instead of buying two seperatley.

Smart Televisions

A smart television is a television that has advanced web features and is able to connect to the Internet. Smart Tvs have greatly changed society as they are a great mixture of the online world ad also the television. It has allowed people to access anything from the comfort of their own living room. People are now able to access information without the use of several devices just one. The features of a smart tv usually include internet connectivity such as social media, viewing videos online and messaging. A lot of smart tv’s even come with a full web browser which will allow you to explore numerous websites. This however is not true with all smart tv’s which can be deceiving. If you are looking to search the internet some smart tv’s wont allow you as your browser may not be compatable with all websites. There is a lot of debate about whether people should buy smart tv’s or not as some see them as a waste of time. This can be seen in regards to the lifespan of the device.

“There used to be a time when you bought a TV and it lasted for a decade. Not anymore. There is so much pressure to upgrade because, like our phones, our Smart TVs get outdated so quickly. Smart TVs use minimal chipsets that are designed for as things stand right now”.

This could be a factor for not buying a smart tv which I agree with. Like our phones they are designed to slow down every 3 years or so so this will convince us to buy another one. Because of this I feel it could be beneficial to just stick to a more low tech tv that will last a lot longer and save you money. At the end of the day it seems that the smart tv isn’t worth it since it costs too much for what it is providing.

For the future of smart tvs and other smart technology it is seen that they are veering in more of a educational way to bring education programs to people. This I feel would be useful as it would be easy for anyone to access


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