Why I Care about Net Neutrality (and you should too)

Net neutrality is essential to maintaining America’s thriving and globally competitive economy. Allowing internet service providers to dictate the terms of how and when we access the internet would hand the most influential technology the united states has ever developed to private corporations. This will reduce the United State’s ability to compete with foreign markets and maintain our position as global leaders in technology and innovation.

On a more tangible level, if net neutrality is repealed that would mean that every internet service provider would dictate their own terms of how internet is served and accessed through their service. This would force all companies that use the world wide web (literally every company) to negotiate terms and conditions of service with ALL of the different internet service providers. There are hundreds. If I was starting a company, why would I do so in the United States and have to compete with large organizations that paid to have faster service than me? If I was providing an online good or service, why would I do so in the united states if the cost of doing business is more than other countries because of extra internet fees?

Every business uses the internet to facilitate commerce, and without that public utility being provided in a fair and reasonable way, our way of life, and position as leaders of the global economy will deteriorate. As an issue of national security, economic stability, and a public good essential to modern life… I urge you to publicly oppose the FCC’s plan to repeal net neutrality and publicly support the current Title 2 net neutrality rules. Thank you for your support.

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