3 Things you can do to control your mind.

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Let’s keep this short an simple today. When you can’t sit quiet for meditation, find yourself shifting, moving, daydreaming in meditation and you give up trying, take another way.

Use Your smartphone.

  1. FaceBook to MyndBook.

Do you find you can’t ween of facebook, scrolling down your timeline noticing what others are doing in their day, focus on what you want, letting time go by?. Instead of browsing, replace it by liking pages that host byte size articles to feed and challenge your thoughts and beliefs. Ask yourself what do you want to learn more off? Empowerment begins with staying curious. Facebook uses algorithms to picks up on your likes, use them wisely and in your favor.

2. Use the word “thinking” wisely.
When you feel your head is full of thoughts and you find yourself saying I cannot stop thinking. Here is a tip when you notice you are thinking, tell yourself “ah… here it’s happening ….Thinking” and connect your focus back on your breath. Recognise yourself thinking may seem like a small action, and when you begin this practice at first , you may be hearing yourself say the whole day “thinking…thinking.. thinking”. It may drive you nuts at first, but after 22 times, it’s going to stick. Constant practice to a mind, is similar to going to the gym and doing reps. At first, the first 10 reps feel like agony , but after a time you are getting stronger and has a decent effect on your body. Your mind… no different…. the more you practice this in your life, over time you will find yourself more aware of being in tune with what is happening in your life than caught up in thinking about your future or past.

3. Use your smartphone calendar.

Repetition, repetition and repetition, is the key to empowering your mind in your life. Everyday 1% investment into your mindset towards that which you want, over 66 days you will have 66% of replacing an old thought with a new one. Make a list of a small action you would like to do for 66 days and at the same time, everyday, do the 1%. Program it into your calendar.

Digital technology is not to spend your time idling about what others do in their life, I mean really that is what makes facebook into what a friend reminded me of as “crapbook”. Use technology to your advantage to save time in your day by replacing unnecessary information with what you want to focus on. Too much information clutters a mind and sends mixed signals, exhausting our energy, really…. leaving you asking yourself when can I have peace of mind.

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