give a while

Here we come to know about our own journey, a journey towards “SUKUN” calmness happiness.

There are various things in our life which we can’t handle …… but think for a while why we want to handle everything … is it really important or we made it important … or we are not aware about that or we don’t want to be aware about that.

Various times there happens a situation when we say … whatever happened it was destiny or this is best or happened for the good …. Is it really or we said this to bring us at a comfortable position,,,,,, why why this

If there is actually something amazing then we say … I did this … my hard work made this happen… is it …?? Actually we all are maximum time confused …. Confused for what … that we don’t know

Today we are going to discuss how we can try to avoid confusions in our life

First give a while to think what confusion is … our we actually confused or we pretend ourself to be confused … is it that difficult to find to whom to do frndship and to whom not … where to go or where not .. what to eat, wear , or even our career or profession … our we listening ourself or the world .. or we are just doing the things as there is noyhing to do something or we just want to show the whole world that we are doing this ….. is it this … our we here for here this

Is there nothing in the world which we actually want … our we unaware of ourself … our we confused to whom what to share what to not .. can we trust on that … that/this happened with me last time… that we trusted on someone and he broke my trust … is it like that … after that you will not trust anybody ..

If you.. how … to whom … to whom not … what can be the source …

Think for a while and tell me whatever we want are we not having that … or we have … but but … but still we want .. all of us want a recognition.. freedom .. love .. care .. respect .. a feeling of being protected .. .. a feeling of support.. time … money .. or anything else …

Are we actually not having all this … or we have all this to give someone else … how far we have given this to others … how far we have circulated this … is the universe have enough of this … for all of us … if not who missed this to be enough in the universe

The power of circulation

Is there something like this … if yes .. than .. have wew tried this …. ??

When we have a cup of coffee … the cup matter or the coffee ..

If cup .. than why .. as other are looking at the cup .. or other can only watch the cup … they don’t know .. how tasty or sour your coffee .. why they bother to know

If they don’t bother to know the taste of coffee .. why you bother to know .. looks of cup …

Ok cup is important … but how much … mre than cup or less than that … if someone else have a sweet coffee and we have coffee without sugar .. if we mix that coffee and make our coffee a sweeter one ..

Is it not intresting … have you ever tried this .. a medium looking is not ok to have a cup of sweet coffee …

Then why we rush or try to find out .. a fantastic cup then a sweet coffee

What is cup and what is coffe

Is it cup is materlistic thing and coffee is life … or there can be various means of this … what .. how to make this balance .. where to draw a line .. is it important to make this balance …

What cup and coffee can represent….

Do you like the feel that …. Someone is always there for you ,, with you ,,, and to do anything for you ..

If you like that feel .. how much time you have given that feel others … you might have given and other have not respected that .. that happens … why … you want something in return … why you want in return … if you want .. that means .. who will give you the thing will also want that …. You also cant fulfill his expectation and thins is finished

God has created everything in enough quantum … we are in the habbit of holding it instead of circulation

Ok we want to circulate … then again we get confused … to whom …where how much to circulate … is it a give and take thing … in the same quantum … we measure there .. we do bargaining there … and again before the circulation starts it gets stop …

Had we appointed someone think for us … are we in the habbit of taking borrowed answer.. even the thought process also stopped …. Where that circulation start where stop ,,, or it not starts at all

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