This is my first poem. I wrote it 7 years back when I was in 12th stand. I always wanted to publish this. And here it goes.

It’s sad to be in your arms !

As you have lost all your calm now

It’s foolish to poke in your matters now 
as there is no chance things get better now,

I still remember the promises you were to abide

I can never hide the sorrow is wide

All the rights i emancipated

by you they were always a half star rated

As time counts its every bit 
I swear on god if I ever used my wit

I met you is a matter of chance

Like a girl of Rome and a boy of France

Modesty I showed to you , adherence you showed me

still I wonder, why I don’t see the acme

dozens of miracles it would take,

to willingly abdicate.

this love is my aplomb

I can never ever hate..!!