Earn $ 500/month With Exoclick — The perfect solution for every website

Google Adsense is the leading advertiser in the field however it is too strict with the wapmaster! What is original, non-violent, non-hacked, non-pornographic or copyrighted material?

I also tried adsense adsense but it seems too strict with Vietnam is right

So I found a new solution to replace it and that was Exoclick.

And if you are interested in it then this article will give you extensive knowledge to participate.

  • What is Exoclick? Advantages of Exoclick?
  • How to register exoclick account from AZ
  • How to create an ad widget and place it in your blog.
  • How to pay? Introduction program.

Let’s start

What is Exoclick?

Launched in 2006 and based in Barcelona, ​​Spain, ExoClick is an innovative global advertising network serving the tank on 125 billion geo-targeted ads a month to Web and mobile advertising / publishing platform through its proprietary software.

Advantages of Exoclick?

  1. Exoclick supports many types of advertising such as entertainment, gambling or the adult industry
  2. Support a wide range of web or mobile ad formats to meet higher monetization needs
  3. Track your revenue based on real time

How to register exoclick account from AZ

Visit Exoclick.Com Fill in all information and click on publishers

After completing the process of entering information you will receive an activation email open it and click on the link

Now break into Exo’s main house

How to create an ad widget and place it in your blog.

Select Site & Ad zone and fill in website information, ad type

Do you see a lot of formats? Here you will select banner and select Next.

Choose ad size + creative name

Done then coppy the code and then insert into your blog only.

Exoclick how to pay?

  • Pay weekly
  • Minimum ultra low payout (20 $)
  • Payment via Paypal, Paxum, Webmoney, Payoneer, Wire Transfer
  • Referral program helps you earn an additional 5% of revenue from the people you refer to Exoclick

Epilogue :

So Tam has completed the process of making money from AZ with Exoclick then. Basically, the functionality of Exoclick is quite simple, easy to use and customizable. Your job is to select the appropriate category and position optimization.