Dazed and Confused

The story of a young woman who is trying to find herself in a world full of chaos.

Young and sitting in Church listening to the pastor speak about God had her heart searching for more. In love with the church at a young age and ready to feel what the next sermon had in store for her.

Now, not so young, she joins the working force to find her way in life and realizes it’s a cruel cruel world. Moving far away from home trying to become a woman is trying. So many people, so many personalities, so many differences. Is she ready? Too late, you’re already out there working, making a living, and in a DAZE!

This work force isn’t working for you, you’re not the soldier you once were so, you opt to leave and go back home to find yourself. Home feels so good, oh how she missed it. But, the workforce is calling her name, break is over, lets get back out there in the cruel world.

Alright, she’s working, finding out that coming home didn’t make a difference, the world is not going to stop being cruel. But, she has to stick with it or be homeless so that’s what she does.

Years of working, failed love, and now more CONFUSED as ever. She thought the older she was becoming, the easier life would become. Lies, Lies, Lies!

The Church isn’t what she thought it was and now becoming more spiritual and more conscious, she’s ready.

Ready for the world to get better, ready for people to do better. Will it happen? Things seem to be getting worse but I have faith that God will make things right for me, my family, the world. Someday, hopefully soon, no one will be dazed and confused.

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