Hi my name is Kish

Born June 3th 1991

Who am I

I’m human/ just a normal young man with some love for humanity.

I have traveled the world, have seen a lot of different places.

And just like you I care about everyone around me

My mom, dad, brothers sisters, family and friends

At the age of 12 I lost my biological father.

Because of the terrible disease cancer

Going through this stage of life was pretty rough

You would not see it from the outside

Because I’m thankful for everything in my life including the lost of my biological father.

And this is why.

I’m happy

I’m healthy

I’m rich in a different way

Because I’m surrounded by great people!

Thanks to everyone, I’m the young man I have become today.

So as I mentioned I don’t have a lot of money, but I do have a lot of hair.

And there’s always one thing what makes me happy.

The smile on child’s face.

In my opinion Every child deserves a smile on there face

So I have been growing my hair for 2,5 years

And this is the second time in 5 years that I did something extraordinary

And that’s why I donate it to the charity Haarwensen

Thank you everyone for reading and have a nice day!