Achieve what you want : How perspective

Quite often we ponder on the our vivid thoughts of living our dream life or achieving our goals, fulfilling our true sense of life but we don’t know how we can do or have the same.
We can achieve that's for sure. And its very simple.
To understand this - Let’s look at the situation of a poor boy sitting next to a river with his mentor. His mentor asked him to dip his head into the river until I call out. The boy held his head into the deep water until he could and until he struggled for air or breath. His mentor asked him "what you desired most when your head was underwater?" Obviously the "AIR".
So same philosophy applies to our goal or vision or will - "when your will or urge to achieve something as much as the poor boy's will for the AIR, you will achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life."
So we need to have a sincere, intense desire to achieve and a persistent commitment to act upon it.
Ranga K
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