All That You Need To Know About Root Canal Treatment

What you may have heard about root canals could be just experience s from patients and their worried relatives. However, for those who have been advised to undergo this treatment, this information may not be enough. Most people fear root canals because they simply assume that the procedure is painful. But this is where they end up making mistakes. Say the expert at Smilex Dental Clinic, Root Canal is an excellent treatment option for those who have been struggling with damage in their teeth. Usually, a cavity is never major and our doctors will treat it with a few sittings of filling. However, if patients tend to ignore cavities or the need to refill the area, the damage tends to seep further. In such cases, root canal treatment is the best and safest resort to cure the problem. As for the pain, patients should be rest assured that the treatment is done in a manner to minimise the discomfort. Our expert doctors take all the necessary precaution and so the patients have nothing to worry.

What is root canal treatment?

Medically, you will find varied explanations of this term. But for laymen, the simplest definition is the process used to clean your teeth from the root.

When is it done?

Root Canal is not a luxury treatment done anywhere and anytime. Instead, it is a medical procedure that dentists resort to when the nerve below your tooth gets infected.

What does the doctor do?

The dentist operating you for root canal will simply remove the dental pulp. This procedure in itself is not very painful. However, the process leading up to this can be a bit discomforting for the patient. Here again, the expert doctors of Smilex focus on using latest patient care facilities to minimise the pain involved.

What happens if the treatment is ignored?

If you are running away from a root canal thinking that the process is painful, you are making a mistake. This will only lead to the damage increasing. In fact, in worst cases, the damage is also known to spread from one tooth to another. Needless to say, the end condition continues to remain fatal and so a delay in treatment should be avoided. Additionally, the risk of infection can also increase making it a worst case scenario for the patient.

Will it affect my daily routine?

Root canal is a dental procedure that make take more than two sittings, depending on the condition of the patient. While there is no major impact on the daily routine, some things need a little adjustment. For instance, patients who have just been operated for a root canal procedure, may not be able to chew their food from that side. Occasionally, doctor may prescribe certain eating restrictions as well. However, these are only temporary and expect them to vanish in due course of the treatment. In the long run, having a root canal does not affect your daily routine in any other way.

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