#1yearlater — After many no’s.

Long hair, bearded me decided to take the plunge; Plunge from my mundane work and try something that I’ve never done, ever.

It started with me dealing with many obstacles — fear of losing my clients, losing my job, feeling accepted. But as I dealt deep, gathered my thoughts, collected the suggestions from my friends, it was finally happening. I could see it come alive. I could see a ray of light forming with the vision that I hoped will come true someday.

Alas, I made peace, decided to apply for my visa, visa to my dreams adventures and those fun filled moments that i’ve ever seen or experienced. Ask me what the project was? To do a backpacking tour across Europe.

Today is that kinda day, where I was stepping into new journeys, paths. Looking at it after a year, I finally feel, it was the best thing to ever happen.

Not many of us have the privilege to do so, but when you can, grab the opportunity and do it. After all, it is now or never.