50 Brilliant Ideas To Start Your Business Online

Think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly. — Shri Dhirubhai Ambani

You can make a success of any business you start online provided you have the right initiatives and tools in place. Some ideas which are brilliant and have the potency to succeed online are:

1. Blogging — Choose a niche you are comfortable with and start creating educative and target audience relevant content on the internet.

2. Virtual Assistant — Becoming a virtual assistant entails handling and managing tasks like the social media, emails etc., for many different clients.

3. Social Media Influencer — Herein you have to grow your own account in various social media platforms and influence people to buy products and services of different brands that you sell online.

4. E-book Author — Write you own e-book get online platforms to publish it.

5. SEO Consultant — Offer specialised SEO related services for managing client’s website.

6. Affiliate Marketer — Here you post links to different services and products to different brands and earn a share of money for every sale made through your website.

7. YouTube Personality — People who are not camera shy can start off their own YouTube channel and earn money via ad shares.

8. Homemade Business Owner — Set up your own homemade ecommerce website.

9. Web Designer — Offer web designing services to clients online.

Be Your Own Boss Whether You’re An App Developer, Designer Or A Freelance Writer

10. App Developer — Develop mobile apps and sell them online.

11. Freelance Writer — A good knowledge of English and an interest in writing is enough to start this off.

12. Domain Reseller — Purchase and sell domains to people.

13. Remote Tutor — Become an online tutor.

14. Travel Consultant — Plan holidays and tour for others.

15. Proof Reader — A thorough knowledge of English is required.

16. Stock Photographer — Build your own photography store online.

17. Virtual Tech Support — People with a good technical knowledge can offer their services to clients online.

18. Marketing Consultant— Help design and carry out marketing campaigns.

19. Researcher — Offer you services as a researcher to writers, online business owners etc.

20. Online Recruiting — Start a recruiting service online.

21. Life Coach — Become an online counsellor.

22. Meal Plan Service — Start off by offering nutritious meals online

23. Custom Illustrator — For an artist this is very lucrative option.

24. Financial Consultant — Share your financial knowledge online.

25. Online Boutique — Design clothes and sell them online.

26. Match Making or Dating Website — Start a dating website where people can become members for a fee.

27. Forex Trader — Trade currencies online.

28. E-commerce Website — List out and sell a number of products or better a single product small e-commerce site, yeah?

29. Offer Graphic Services — If you are a graphic designer you can also sell your services online.

30. Online Translator — Benefit from your knowledge of languages by becoming an online translator.

31. Transcription Services — Transcribers can offer services online.

32. Ghost Writing— If you are creative with a good knowledge of English, you can also become a ghost writer.

33. Online Ticket Booking — Book tickets for travellers online.

34. Online Jewellery Store — Design jewellery and sell them online.

35. Video Editing Services — Edit amateur videos.

36. Photo Editing Services — Edit photos online.

37. Online Art Gallery — Open an online art gallery.

38. Offer Voiceover Services — This is for people with excellent diction and good voice quality.

39. Online Book Store — Make an online library.

40. Online Gaming — Develop a gaming website.

41. Real Estate Services — Sell real estate online.

42. Foreign Language Training — Become an online foreign language trainer.

43. Cooking And Baking Classes — Teach people to cook and bake online.

44. Bookkeeping Services — Offer services as an online bookkeeper.

45. Video Ad Creator — Creative people can create online video ads.

46. Resume Writing— Offer you services as a resume writer.

47. Website Critique: Become a website critique.

48. Contract Customer Cervice — Help companies outsource their customer service.

49. Podcaster — Sell advertisements through your own podcasts.

50. Online Course Creator — Create your own course and sell online.

There are many others services which too can be taken up but the above ones have proved to yield good results for people who have tried. But you can be creative too and find other innovative avenue to earn money online too.

Hope it helps 😊