Want To Be Happy? Learn These 20 Things Today

Kishore Beniwal

Happiness is a state of find and there are many different things which can make a person happy. Happiness is also that fine line which makes all the difference between existing and living; between a routine mediocre life and one filled with laughter, fun and gaiety.

There are many different ways to achieve this of which the top 20 would be:

1. Taking Small Chances: Small risks taken can open up channels of happiness. Of course there are also times when the risk taken might backfire. But letting your fear rule your decisions is equivalent to leading half a life.

2. Ignore People’s Opinion: What other people think should never be the deciding point of your life. So worry less about other people’s opinion and follow your heart.

3. Avoid Feelings Of Jealousy: Other people’s achievements should make you feel good. Jealousy should have no place here since you are in competition with no one but yourself.

4. Invest In Yourself: Rarely do we feel the need to do this. But once in a while indulge yourself, look after yourself and generally spend time doing what you like best.

5. Have A Passion: If your hobby is your profession, be passionate about it. Otherwise develop a hobby, a passion and spend some time on it every day. It will enable you to refuel your happiness quotient.

6. No Excuses Please: Every person has something to achieve in life. So go out, do it and deliver results. Offering excuse will only delay the inevitable and make you feel burdened and unhappy.

7. Make Your Own Mistakes: Do not lead your life on someone else’s terms. Make your own mistakes, learn from them and take them into your stride.

8. Let Go Of The Past: The past should be kept in the past. Do not let the past overshadow your future happiness. In fact work hard today to ensure that tomorrow is a happy day for you.

9. Never Feel Sorry For Yourself: Feeling sorry for your self is not an option in life. It can only make you subsist not live. Incorporate a little humour into bad situations and see your perspective change.

10. Never Give Up: Determination is the key to success and success is the key to appreciation. Appreciation also brings you happiness.

11. Fight For Your Rights: Living a subdued life is akin to living half a life. Hence learn to fight for your rights; for what is yours and for what you deserve. Only when you are able to get your true worth will you be happy.

12. Practise Patience: Patience is a virtue which needs to be incorporated and inculcated within one’s self.

13. Be Positive: Develop positive thoughts by reading good books, watching good movies, keeping good company etc.

14. Have Good Friends: Have a close circle of good friends and guard your friendship zealously.

15. Forgive And Forget: What has happened has happened and cannot be undone. But if you carry the bitterness in your heart, happiness will not be able to find a place there.

16. Help People In Need: This is perhaps one of the biggest sources of happiness. So much so that if you go out and help somebody, the happiness you experience translates into an infectious grin on your face.

17. Enjoy Life: Life is for living. Regrets, jealousy and other negative thoughts only result in wasteful expenditure of time. So stay away from them if you really want to be happy in life.

18. Prepare A Bucket List: Have a bucket list ready and ensure you keep ticking it off at regular intervals. Do what your heart wants now, never keep it for the future for it only keeps getting delayed over and over again.

19. Spend Time With Your Family: Building a good bond with your family by spending time with them is the best way to stay happy for ever.

20. Keep Healthy: Good health translates into a good life and good life into happiness. So keep healthy, keep fit and stay happy for ever.

Go with your heart, do your deeds, enjoy your responsibilities and happiness will automatically find you. Be a good person and lead a healthy life for health is the greatest wealth. And wealth, in any form, does make you happy!

Kishore Beniwal

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