Want To Be Successful? Leave These 5 Things From Your Daily Routine


Success is something we all strive for; it is our ultimate goal. Success is also very elusive and there are times when we strive hard but do not get the degree of success that we hope for. Conversely there are also times when even a little bit of hard work yields exceptional results. What makes success difficult to achieve in the first instance and easily achieved in the second. It is just a matter of following and doing certain things which are appropriate and correct.

There are certain qualities which define the route to success. Similarly there are also certain habits and qualities that need to be avoided at all costs to be successful. 5 very important traits of unsuccessful people you should never incorporate in your daily routine are:

1. A Negative Attitude

Negativity begets negativity and a negative person is always looking for problems and obstacles. Having a bad day is a one off thing which might make you feel morose for some time but this morbidity cannot become your whole life. Once melancholy starts to rule your life, you are doomed to be unsuccessful. Thus this attitude or trait should be kept as far away as possible.

2. Wasting Time

Time is a precious commodity. It takes just a second for present to become past and the future to become present. Hence whatever needs to be done has to be necessarily done within this 24hours. If you want to while away your time doing unproductive work, you will never have any time for doing things which will take you one step closer to success. Thus time mismanagement and its mis-utilisation is something that you would want to keep at bay if success is to come to you.

3. Lazy Talk and Dreaming

Dreamers do just that. They dream, talk big, keep waiting for the right opportunity and generally find excuses of not doing anything. Dreaming can also be productive if it relates to your goal and inspires you to work harder. But unsuccessful people only talk about waiting for the right moment when with a swish of the sword they will become successful. In real life something like that never happens.

4. Apathetic Education

Education is the key to self improvement and there is no end to leaning. In fact investing time in education is the best way to utilise time. Hence being indifferent towards your studies will not only make you fall back in the race to succeed, it will also develop in you a sense of insecurity and lack of confidence. These are two traits which are absolutely not conducive to success. Hence education should be enjoyed and learning should be like an adventure.

5. Fear of Failing

Fear of failing affects different people in different ways. While some take it as a challenge and work even harder to attain success, others view it as the end of everything. Failures are actually learning lessons and stepping stones to success and should be taken into stride. Everyone fails at some point or the other in their path to success. But getting depressed with the thought of failure is a quality that you had best avoid if you want to be successful.

Success is living life to the hilt; success is learning something new every day; success is getting appreciated for the work you do; success is making your life’s vision, its mission. But to be successful the above traits should be kept away from you daily routine. Only then can a person enjoy absolute success.