Instructions to log out facebook lite

Facebook lite download helps you connect with all friends over the world. We can use the feature box of Fb lite terbaru to sign out of your personal account.

Facebook lite untuk ponsel helps you connect to friends all around the world into a huge social network community.

The integrated feature box is where you can set up more features and use to log out of your personal account.

In order to log out of a personal account on aplikasi facebook lite for android:

  1. Tap to the feature box in the right of the app.

2. In the feature box as the following picture, you scroll down to the bottom. You select the feature “ log out” of fb lite app.

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3. The Sever of facebook lite download will send you a notice and it need you to confirm “ Are you sure you want to log out”

Select “ Yes” if you agree to sign out .

Select “ No” if you don’t want to sign out.

Despite your loging out of your personal account, the fb lite apk server system will save your indentification. However, it will not save the password of your account. Therefore, if you want to log in, you need to enter your account’s password again.

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