Well that is what they put on paper sure, but nobody actually pays that much.
Louis Weeks

The situation you describe was an ER or Urgent care not a general OB/GYN office.

True Story: My mother needed to get her annual and pap smear. Only $700 without insurance at the time.

Additionally referring to the original post Plan-B costs about $50 a package.

Now, $26 is not much but if you need a particular script you have Tri-Sprintec 28, from $9 to $63. Yaz-28 = $68–112. The prices go up from there.

No one is saying abortion is an easy thing, but what right do any of us have over the body of another? Even the Christian G-d is pro-choice when you read the bible ( Numbers 5:21–21, 27–28)

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