Nope, he stayed hurt all of Sunday because he felt emergency care would cost more (Obama says it…
Louis Weeks

Well, one thing is wrong, I am not an atheist.

The Talmud describes it better that she miscarry.

However, when barrier and even traditional pills fail for those that are having sex for people that do not want to give birth there is legal and safe abortion. Keeping reproductive choice is saving lives. Making it harder is endangering women.

The Crisis Pregnancy Centers will state that a woman has an increased chance of depression, PTSD, etc with an abortion but are unwilling to state that a woman that is denied choice is actually at much higher risk of depression, PTSD, etc

The Hyde Amendment already does not allow abortion to be paid with tax dollars.

In my opinion, abortion is for the responsible since the woman knows what she is doing and has decided for her own reasons to take such action instead of the consequences of having a child that is not wanted that may be endangered later down the road, such as hunger, lack of medical care, or even worse.

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