Pencil, paint, patience. Kathryn art 2015.

Inner Selfie

Beauty industry projection
Selling ideals of perfection
A cream for this, a pill for that
The dream is thin, failure’s fat.

Magnify the fears and flaws
Cover those spots on your jaws
Spray on a tan, change your hair 
Hey you; glam up, if you dare!

(For just €9.99 a month. Terms and conditions apply. To avail of this offer, bookings must be made at 17 minutes past 9 on Wednesday mornings. Please note that during your treatment, our marketing team will be on hand to push products on you for blemishes you don’t even know you have yet).

And guys, without muscle, you ain’t a man;
So drink this shit, then YES you can!
You gotta be strong and you gotta be tough
Spotty skin? Buy this stuff!
Compete to win in a month.

Terms and conditions apply. 
(Your first months’ supply will cost €9.99 as we manipulate your already low levels of self-esteem until you sign up for our ‘super stud’ programme, costing 39.99 a month). Yeah.

Advertising crap 
to make it seem compelling
Do you believe that 
nonsense they’re selling?

Excuse me as my third eye farts a little wisdom learned on the way. 
Choose the fire that warms your heart and burn the treachery I say. 
Illusions are fading! It’s no surprise
View life’s journey through higher eyes
Don’t be comparing; I know it’s hard 
In a world of ‘selfies’ gone bizarre.

You were born fine, so just be you
Inner beauty does shine through
Look ahead to where you’re going
Choose good friends as you’re growing.

You’re beautiful when you are kind
When you share as you find
Let your truth reveal who you are
Believe in yourself as a real work of art.

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