Time-Remap like a pro, or forgotten shortcuts in After Effects

Smallest post about time-remaping.

To see Time-Remap keyframes we need to roll out twirl by pressing Shift+~ shortcut. And we see something like this.

Shift+~ (tilda) — shortcut for roll out twirl for seeing time-remap keyframes

But, if you have a lot of layers in your project you may need to see it more clearly. I found an option to do this by adding new shortcut to config file.

Just write “CompTwirlTimeRemap” = “(macControl+Cmd+T)”

You can set your own shortcut, like i did. “macControl+Cmd+T” works for me. And pressing it we see..

“CompTwirlTimeRemap” — shortcut that adobe forgotten to add by default

That is much clearer, just what i need.

Btw, to add new keyframes for time-remapping, we can use another forgotten option “CompTwirlTimeRemapNewKF”. This will add/remove time-remapping keyframes to selected layers.

Have fun.

P.s. Changes you need is located here.

In Preferences click button “Reveal Preferences in Finder”
For After Effects CS6 file with shortcuts is selected on screenshot. For your version it may differ.