Why I’m Writing 60 Blogs in 60 Days

I’m writing 60 blogs in 60 days, which is comical, considering I haven’t written a single blog in nearly a year.

But I have to start somewhere and I’m fed up with baby steps.

Truth be told, deep down in my heart I’ve always wanted to be in the businesses of entertaining. The type of entertainment hasn’t ever really mattered—it could have been singing or acting or writing. Somewhere along the way my desire to entertain and my desire to make a sustainable living collided and I found myself at the University of Central Florida studying marketing.

Google tells me marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

And while I suppose Google is not wrong, the simple action or business of promoting and selling products does not necessarily imply good or effective marketing. Good, effective marketing tells a story—a story that creates a connection between the company and the client. Good, effective marketing engages and entertains.

I ended up in marketing because I wanted to entertain—and entertain I did.

Over the last decade I have written nearly 1,000 blog posts for nearly two dozen different companies, including my own.

But then, I got busy.

The beginning of 2017 brought the highest grossing quarter my company has ever experienced. I was working 80+ hour weeks and I was super satisfied with my success. But in the hustle, I stopped entertaining—I stopped making videos; I stopped writing blog posts. Eventually business balanced out. but I didn’t start writing again.

I had time to write. I just chose not to.

But then a friend of mine approached me about writing for my church’s magazine and—because I am a yes kind of girl— I agreed. I interviewed my closest friends about our lives together in community. We re-lived the highs and lows of our the last 18 months and what poured out of me was rather poetic, which is saying a lot considering it was just an interview article.

I submitted the article for the church magazine just days before heading to Ethiopia on mission trip.

Upon my return to the states, Children’s HopeChest asked if someone from our Ethiopia team would volunteer to write a blog about our experience. I had a half-baked blog I’d been sitting on since day 7 in Ethiopia and I figured this was the motivation I needed to actually finish it.

I was sharing the finished blog with a friend of mine when I surprised even myself as I said to her, “I wish I could just write for a living.” It wasn’t the desire that surprised me. It was the fact that I can just write for a living, but I’ve chosen not to. I don’t even need a career change in order to write for a living. I just need to get up and write for a living.

So here I am, re-committing to putting my business and my life into words.

Here’s to 60 blog posts in 60 days.

Laura Diaz is the CEO and Senior Strategist at Kiss Me Creative where they make client love all day long. Her super powers are efficiency, follow through and creativity based on sound logic. She enjoys long sips of coffee and short lines at Starbucks.

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