Chlorophyll is green sunlight — this sentence caught my full attention during my online research about greens. As a Leo I adore the sun and everyone who knows me, also knows that I’m addicted to all the natural green food that is out there. Chlorophyll is produced by plants and we can see at as the green pigment. It’s a vital part of plants’ photosynthesis in combination with sunlight. So to speak: No chlorophyll, no life. No sun, no life. Plants use sunlight & chlorophyll together with water & carbon dioxide to create carbohydrates, which then again are a vital nutrient for the plant and also us as well as for animals. Carbohydrates, fat & protein are our three vital macronutrients, without them the body can’t function. All this isn’t new but it’s good to be reminded on the importance.

Chlorophyll absorbs sunlight, certain light spectrum, that’s why we actually eat sunlight whenever we eat greens. Eating sunlight doesn’t only sound fascinating but it has amazing benefits for our happiness & health.


  • Helps with low iron or magnesium levels
  • Helps detoxing your body: it’s an antioxidant and helps removing heavy metal & environmental toxins
  • Helps cleaning our blood: chlorophyll is also called “green blood” because it has a similar structure as our blood and provides our blood with fresh oxygen and helps with the formation of new blood cells
  • It emerged in studies that chlorophyll can also help stemming the production of cancer cells & other harmful cells & bacteria in our bodies
  • Enhances wound healing: chlorophyll supports the production of new blood cells, which is essential for wound healing & can help with a quicker recovery


In order to eat more chlorophyll we need to eat more greens. Those are filled with a vast variety of other nutrients such as vitamins & trace elements or fibre. The richer your nutrition is in a variety of nutrients, the healthier your body & mind are because all the body has all the “fuel” it needs.

If you body is happy, your mind is happy. Which makes you a happy healthy person. And that’s the base for everything else.


Matcha, which is a grounded green tea & three of my favorite algae spirulina, AFA & chlorella. In general you consume these as powered or pressed into pills. All of those four have been in the spotlight the past 1–2 years due to their mind blowing health benefits. All of them contain high dosages of several trace elements & vitamins by just using as little as half a teaspoon of each powder.

In case you’re traveling and aren’t sure if you can get enough greens or whenever you didn’t have lots of greens during the day, simply grab your favorite power greens as mentioned above. you can also start your day with a green smoothie adding some spirulina or chlorella. In most big cities you can buy a matcha pure or a latte on the go. Which goes perfectly together with a delicious piece of cake. Or you simply take the pills. Although I personally prefer getting most of the nutrients by a balanced eating habit supplements can be very helpful when you have a busy day, while traveling or when you need an extra boost of energy.

Greens are life…!

Have a happy & healthy day!

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