Before I’ve become a Personal Trainer myself, I used to workout a lot for years. While living in in New York, I tried out lots of gyms and lots of different trainers. I had a great time and got motivated and inspired by those trainers. Then I moved back to Germany. My brother picked me up at the airport and first thing I did was going to a gym and get a new membership. Still makes me smile but that actually has been my first priority as soon as I landed.

By that time I wanted to improve my workouts and get some help with it. So I had a membership which included personal training. I was extremely motivated and excited for my first personal trainer session. He took my measurements, body fat, weight etc. and asked me for my goal, I told him something like “I basically don’t wanna loose lots of weight and I don’t wanna have huge muscles. Just want to look strong and lean.” — Obviously I didn’t tell a stranger, handsome guy that I’m pretty fine with my body except for my legs. Whatever I did in there past, they would get stronger but not leaner at all and I wanted lean legs to feel comfortable in my dresses. — He kept asking me more detailed questions about my goals, but I didn’t really get what he was talking about but trusted “my personal trainer” and was excited for the workout. In the end he put together a workout I was supposed to follow 3–4 times a week for the upcoming 4–6 weeks. After 5 weeks I had a new session to do a new check up and a new workout plan. Due to the trainer (it was a different one in each session) I gained body fat and lost muscle mass. I was devastated. I followed the plan 4–5 times a week for 5 weeks in a row and I mean I literally did this. How could this happen? I asked him but I didn’t really get an answer. I followed those training plans a couple more months and then I changed the membership to one without the personal training sessions. It simply didn’t make any sense to pay for a trainer while not getting anything like the results I wanted to.

I was still working out a lot, as I found balance in it. The 1–2 hours a day I wouldn’t think about my studies or my job. I love to work but I needed to give my brain a break. By lifting heavier weights, doing more and more challenging cardio sessions like HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) I managed to calm my mind. I still couldn’t find a way to get to my goal regarding the way I wanted my body to look like. So I found out about all those online training programs. I downloaded one PDF after another. Most of them have been 12 week programs so I had been busy for a while. My cardio & strength improved a lot after a year but my legs pretty much didn’t change at all.

I started to read more and more about exercise, how the body works, nutrition, followed more and more people on Instagram who where talking about those topics and simply educated myself. I tried out a lot. Everything that made sense right that moment. And finally I saw my legs changing. That may sound boring, especially to guys, but imagine you have a goal. You think you give it everything but you can’t get there? You see professionals to get some help on the topic, you don’t succeed. It’s not very motivating, let me tell you that. But the good thing was I didn’t only workout because of my legs. As I said it was my kind of balance during my days with university & work each day.

But here’s the thing: If I wanna have something, I keep going after it. I make sure I find a way.

I believe everything has its time and you gotta find the balance between acting and being patience. But you can be sure my goals are always on my radar.

Three yearsinto educating myself about exercise, body and nutrition and trying out a variety of theories, I felt like I wanted to know more about it. So I started a personal trainer & nutritionist training. I got my license in both and felt like having a better understanding of the body’s functions and how to workout properly, the same with nutrition eventually.

By the end of the same year, we decided to close the part of our family business I was mainly working on. Which meant my daily routine would be gone by the end of the year. I even initiated that idea but it was a huge decision that meant lots of change. One of my closest friends, I’d considered my soulmate by that time, and I went different ways in kind of a harsh way. And some more challenges throughout every single part of my life like family, health and so on. And at the same time this year gave me some great, phenomenal ups as well. Has some of the funniest vacation, met some amazing new people I now consider my friends. But all in all it was the toughest year I experienced so far.

Now I can smile and I’m grateful for what had happened and compared to others people’s lives the same year, I had such micro problems! But as always, it comes down to perspective. And by that time it stirred up my life and was the beginning of a big shift in my life which I’m so happy about!

So by the end of the year, a week before Christmas till two weeks after New Year’s Eve I took some time for myself.

I reflected in everything that had happened the past year. I asked myself if I am happy with the way I’m handling my life at the moment. And how I wanted my daily life to look like in future.

I figured out that in some weird way I was happier than ever before. I felt free. I remembered that I always said that I didn’t want to have an office job, but I decided for one. So how would life look like without an office job? And what is it that I really wanna do? I felt like there must be something more. I wanted to feel a deeper purpose in my job. And don’t get me wrong,p, I was fired up for what I’ve been doing so far! But my gut feeling told be to dig deeper.

I first didn’t know what do to, so I decided to get rid of everything that wasn’t serving me anymore and cleaned out the house, closet and even the people around me. The people around you have an immense influence on us. So there I was cleaning out everything, working out, meditating, going to yoga classes and long walks in Munich’s beautiful parks in the cold and fresh winter air.

I don’t even remember when it was exactly but it suddenly hit me. Since I was a little kid I always stand up for fairness and wanted to help people. I keep reading that over 70% of all the diseases in our industrial countries are self-made due to poor nutritional choices and too little exercise. I’ve been training some friends and my mom since I got my trainer license and I loved it. And it’s a way to change these horrible numbers of sick & depressed people out there. I wanted to share my happiness and everything I know about health so far.

Now here I am. Helping people being their happiest & healthiest self. Dreaming of a world where we all wake up happy & healthy every single day, handling all the problems and challenges with a more positive manner, just because the bad is as much part of our lives as the good.

Your greatest challenges are going to make you greater. And we’re better off accepting this fact and trying to find solutions and working towards our personal & professional goals.

I choose this path to give people a hand who want it. And the greatest thing that could possibly happen is that no human being will need my help regarding health & happiness anymore. Then I’d be happy to start over with a new job that makes the world a little brighter.

There’s is still so much to learn! Life challenges my positive vibes often enough. And I haven’t found a way to be healthy forever. But everything I know and am so far, helped and will help lots of people, that are looking for some impulse regarding their health. And there are so many more great, talented, well educated, phenomenal people out there working on our all happiness & health! I would never consider myself the one and only solution for everybody.

I am with the people that want to help me make this dream of a world with happy & healthy people reality in this wonderful, exciting, fast world, filled with so many possibilities.

Be happy. Be healthy. Make someone smile today.

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