The end of the year brings up so many things we’re still dreaming of. We think 01/01 is the perfect day to start with it.

Here are some things I believe will help you stick with it:

If you’re not willing to work hard, stay consistent & to change some of your habits, skip this post because achieving something you’ve never had before, requires actions you’ve never taken before. That means work, challenges & chances. But you gotta be ready in your heart & mind to really commit to your dream!

Write it down

In words that are definite like I will… no maybe/wish/hope/could/should — of you really want it, don’t be afraid of making it sound real. Writing your dream down, makes it not only a dream anymore. You’ve done it! You made it a reality!

Tell it someone

This step makes it even more real. Be bold. Listen to advice, evaluate it but don’t take them all. When they think you’re unrealistic & naive, that might be just a sign you’re on the right path!

Make a list

with question you answer on a regular basis to keep you on track. Here are my favorites that can be applied to most dream we’re working towards:

1) Why do I want/do it?

2) What can I do today to actively work towards it?

3) What feelings does your dream evoke within you? (go back to this feeling whenever you face the first challenges, it’s gonna help you through it, you can decide how you want to FEEL, emotions are just temporary!)

Getting back on track

When you get of track ask yourself “What is REALLY holding me back? How can I get it out of my way?”

Welcome challenges

They will come. Nothing is as definite than this. Challenges always come. They are our greatest teachers. They either mean failure or success for whatever you’re working on but they always mean success for your personal development! Instead of asking “Why did this happen to me?” actively, consciously choose questions like “What am I supposed to learn from it? Where is my possibility of growth?”

Challenges are like a good workout, you’re building stamina, resilience, strength. You’re growing but it might hurt.

Know that they’re come. Acknowledge when they’re there. Learn. Act. Let them go.

Find a teacher

Find people who already achieved it or are successful in a similar field. What can you learn from them? Maybe you can even reach out to them!

Keep it a play, keep it fun, keep your smile

No matter how serious your goal is, the second it becomes dead serious and your main emotions are anger, hate, aggression, anxiety or the like you went the wrong path. Your dream & working towards it should be lighten your soul! You should feel positive emotions when thinking of it & most of the time, working on it.

Don’t get me wrong, the negative emotions are good, it’s our balance & things aren’t always sunshine. But the main emotions you wanna create to create your dream, are positive. You attract the vibes you send out, let them be good ones.


or do anything to reflect on each & every day. On everything you’ve achieved, on everything you’ve learned, on how you’ve felt. Self reflection is a big part. The mind needs time to recover just as the body needs it after exercise. Let it digest. Get your thoughts clear everyday.

I try to reflect after each step I take during the day. Before & after meeting clients or making calls or writing, like I just did.

Stay true to who you are

The most important. If you find out on the way towards your dream, at any time, that this thing you’ve been dreaming of is no longer what makes you happy or what you really want — THAT IS PERFECT! It’s okay to change paths.

Nothing is set in stone you always have the power to turn the wheel around! Make use of this power! Your own super power! You are perfect & wonderful. You already have all you need to make a change, first within you & then in this world.

Stay grounded while reaching for the stars!

xx Melissa

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