Huginn Agents Walk-through

Evernote Agent

Official manual says:

Visit Evernote to set up an Evernote app and receive an api key and secret. Store these in the Evernote environment variables in the .env file. You will also need to create a Sandbox account to use during development.
Next, you’ll need to authenticate with Evernote in the Services section.

1. sign up a Sandbox account.

2. apply for an api.

Note: If you want to update existing notes, please check Full access.

Here you go:

Consumer Key: your_key
Consumer Secret: your_secret

3. Update your Heroku config

heroku config:set EVERNOTE_OAUTH_KEY=your_key
heroku config:set EVERNOTE_OAUTH_SECRET=your_secret
heroku config:set USE_EVERNOTE_SANDBOX=true

4. Some clicks

Go to your Huginn service page, should be like

Click the Green button:

Click Authorize. You should see Evernote in your service:

You are all set.