Day 3 of Bootcamp and we are holed up in a “watering hole” somewhere in Najjera to the North East of Kampala. The 5 of us are quietly tapping at our laptop keyboards with the silence broken by the occasional “YESSS” celebrating a breakthrough by individual team members.

The team is special, and as such was named #PerfectlyBalanced. Let me tell you why. The team is comprised of 3 guys and 2 ladies; Paul, Albert, Mariah, Irene and I.

Paul is the whiz kid with a sense of humor. Learning from his has been fun and easy. He has broken down seemingly complex blockers easily and making it seem a breeze while at it.

Albert is the team lead, a fitting responsibility. He has made sure we meet up on time and are all progressing along, albeit at different stages, but all the same progressing by leveraging the strengths of each team member and matching it with the weaknesses of the other members.

The ladies are intimidating with their programming prowess, but at the same down to earth and are more than willing to pull others up and help them level up, especially Mariah who is helping us level up with TDD.

And lastly our Learning Facilitator Frank Odongkara. He has observed us and nugded us in the right direction with daily personal feedback sessions and his always open communication policy. He even came offsite and had face-to-face sessions with the whole team today.

Team #PerfectlyBalanced is a great place to be and is set up to succeed.

Cant wait….