I want to tag all my entries in WorkFlowy with full-word descriptive language hashtags, so that others can always understand my system. But I also want my interface to be visually simple and clean.

I wrote this Chrome extension to display your #tags as emojis 😀, using a simple list in your workflowy document:

I met a fellow touchie today in Portland, and he inspired me to think more about the way Touchdesigner was designed to be touched, that is, by connecting operators. An important part of that workflow is being able to see what each operator is doing. But, when you package a group of operators up into a container, it’s sometimes difficult to understand what is happening inside just by looking at the new container. I think that seeing the output and the input side-by-side will help to quickly make that mental jump down a layer. …

I’d like to share a few visual helpers I’ve been refining for Workflowy that I think are important for visually-minded people. If you are initiate in Workflowy’s mysteries, skip to the bottom for the steps. If you aren’t familiar with Workflowy, check it out: workflowy.com

Workflowy is a perfect balance of functionality and simplicity. It lets you design the hierarchy of your thoughts and ideas by making it super fluid to write, navigate, and move things around the outline at the same time. The designers at Workflowy have done well to keep any excess visual noise out of the app…

Ian LeBlanc

Discovering new create in Portland, OR

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