Describe a Person You’ve Met

  • i was going to be all sassy and snark that i can give myself my own fun prompts too SEE MEDIUM SCREW YOUR SECRET PROMPTS THAT I CAN’T FIND NO MATTER HOW MANY THINGS I FOLLOW. but then i started writing these light little paragraphs and ish got serious and i’ve had wines and now i don’t even know what i’m posting. apologies. 
    **i also mean to add to this so that i’m eventually describing more people. but also, i get overwhelmed easily. so probably i’ll ‘forget’ aka be too worried about how people will take the descriptions. shhhh wines.

Describe a person you’ve met.

He’s my age, or thereabouts. A few years older, I think. He’s tall, and it surprises you, because his online energy is exactly your height. He says everything with his eyes, and is completely unaware of how much he’s given away. He is stubborn and passionate and irreverent. He reads, almost always. He hates change but wants to be someone who embraces it. He cares, but it gets stuck, and he often lets go because he doesn’t know how else to deal with it. He forgives instantly and hates the concept’s necessity. He is rageful, but nearly only at impersonal things like companies and general stupidity or hypocrisy. He wants, but he hates it. He searches, and loves it. When I describe him from this distance (or lack), he is perfect. Aren’t we all, though? What is it about personal hurt that makes such perfection not worth it?

Describe a person you’ve met:

She reminds me of absolutely no one I’ve ever met or heard of or read about. Which, does anyone, really, once you know them? Right? People are specific. She’s gorgeous, but in a way that is real and beyond discussion and absolutely unrelenting. She owns her tendencies and her methods with little to no interest in reducing any one else’s. She automatically soothes a heated conversation by hearing the other person through their offensive harshness and lip curling devices; it’s unhesitating and honest and seamless. She has found passion that in no way diminishes her pragmatic ways. She’s different from me, and a total surprise; I rarely trust or connect with someone so reasonable and yet there she is.

Describe a person you’ve met:

I spent most of college thinking she hated me. Or, maybe, I was scared because she totally had her shit together and I very much never ever did/do/whatever bite me. She would glide around the school with a serenity and implacable confidence that left more than enough room in the cosmic balance of the universe for my hourly catastrophes. I of course found out later that I was crazy sauce and she’s hysterically funny and completely down to earth and possibly not even some sort of Greek goddess serving out time on silly sad Earth because Zeus is a sexist fuck who needs to have an unglorified amphitheater of seats. Shhh what was I saying. I’ve had wines. Yes, ok; she is quirky and mysterious and I think sometimes mystery can jump too easily and oft sneakily to our hopes, and then we stop seeing the person. And the mystery in that person is always better than whatever you’d hoped. Always.