(100) 37

Well, I may or may not have day sipped my scotch drinking self into a semi coherent blurb-comment about my birthday, here, which, ok. Plus also the title of this one looks exactly like what my blood sugar should be and what it is right before I need to go on stage and not erupt thick chunky failure all over everyone’s potential for anything ever. I mean, whatever, it’s not a big deal; it just totally looks like that ok.

I have mentioned during several previous posts that I have a special fondness for Facebook. I am in no way delusional about its issues (nor about how many of them there are, come on), but I love it dearly because the people in that community are real to me in ways people I’ve known face to face never will be. There’s a dimension of spontaneity and openness in certain online friendships that just isn’t there elsewhere in the world. It’s not that spontaneity and openness don’t exist elsewhere; it’s a different kind, a different texture. Maybe similar to the Medium community here? Of course there are trolls and predators and regular unwashed micro dildos and inverted nubbins traipsing about like normal people but for me, the good is so crucial to my heart and my balance. OMG THIS IS THE SAME FUCKING POST I WROTE ALL THOSE OTHER TIMES ABOUT FACEBOOK FML ugh ok shhh what the hell. I keep needing to wax nostalgic on all the awesome people. Splerp.

Anyway, I usually do a big ole Facebook post on my birthday. I thought, when I first started writing this, that I would just have my big ole post be this post, but I feel like that cheapens everything for everyone. It’s two different communities, see. And, even if eventually the two merge more (or don’t), I am more than happy to love each for what they are now.

And….honestly, my birthday this year was wonderful! I kinda…I mean, it was a great day off; time with friends and my family, time to just sit and be still and easy. It was a good day. I can’t make it into a full post. SOOOOOO I’m going to do something kinda skeezy and repost a short story I wrote about my diagnosis (T1 Diabetes). It was originally posted on my blog but I haven’t used that blog in years. The story was a cathartic milestone for me, though, and I’ve wanted to share it here for a long time. I thought I’d save it for a day when I didn’t have time for a post, but I feel like my birthday is fine, too. I’ll do it in a separate post after this one, because whatever I’m 37. I make my own choices.