What if it were a guy’s crotch?

100%, Meg.

There’s an oversight in a lot of the supposed ‘ally’ talk going around now, which is mostly what my OP is about; it’s less about how bad Trump’s statement is (because obviously) and more about how men are or aren’t responding to it. The #notallmen hashtag overlooks implicit bias in the same way All Lives Matter does. It allows men to distance themselves from sexism by disavowing their part in it. It ignores the easy greasy slide from a sexist joke to lewd catcalls to outright physical breaches. It doesn’t matter how subtle anyone’s participation is; it is still participation, and not owning it means not recognizing it. The fingerpointing is worse than not enough; it is enabling ‘polite’ sexism, and I am not here for it.

Calling out misogyny should not require or even involve sanctioning lesser forms of sexism. That’s not a form of incrementalism that I will support.