(205) NOPE

Once upon a time
I read something I’d written
It was bad and sad

I read it at night
Way too late; not worth the fight
It just wasn’t right

And now you know why
You’re reading this feeble try

*in my head, we’d get back from Italy around 10pm, which left well over 4 hours of my prime writing time and so I’d come home and write a shiny recap for you guys YAY PERFECT right? Right??

but no because mathwise we are on hour 23 of being awake in what will total as a 30 hour day, and not-so-mathwise, my eyes feel the way cottage cheese looks, and also one of the wine bottles broke (but only one! If I was a normal-awake person this wouldn’t bother me ok) and if I didn’t get to wrap myself in my much missed dogs I’d be -7 sane (back to mathwise again).

I’ll get on here with actual content tomorrow. ❤