This is a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. It is not an attempt (by me or anyone) to make a comic and then pass it off as my own work yet still somehow have it be authentic Calvin and Hobbes. Credit goes to Bill Watterson. Not me.

(209) +7 Rant of Froth Bubbles

I am the geometrical equivalent of a phlegm soaked blanket to life’s learning curve. I spent most of November writing non-daily posts (aka I pre-wrote a bunch of dailies for when I was on vacation), and honestly, adulting-wise, y’all, it was fantastic. I had all these things just POOF ready to go, and during the vacation, all I needed was a half hour at the end of each day to double check and tweak. It. was. magic.

I came tripping home from a ridiculously luxurious timeout and pranced straight into several consecutive days of minimal sleep, blood sugar fuckery, and zero written anythings. DAMMIT KITCHEN. I’m all ‘why plan the transition back? why do that, kitchen? why. you will write your glittering vacation experience, of course! no planning needed!’ meep meep.

And here’s the thing; I’ll never be that uber planned writer on the regular because that POOF in my first paragraph is a fuckforsaken LIE. Yeah there was no ready to go. I was an overpoked braided belt of destructive shenanigans for much of November, and ok fine, so was/is most of the country, but my additional writing bonanzas did not gracefully weave itself into my life in any way, shape, or form, and scant few of them were even ‘ready to go’ after I’d finished writing them because hahahahaha my entire life is a job that never ends PAhahahahahaaaa. It’s easy to forget the struggle that led to my swatch of unburden, and even th0ugh I am mid-clench, I’m not going to gild my moistly turded journey for the sake of some half assed rant that I can’t even do properly because #FrothingSphincterofFailure.

Oh ok so I don’t even remember what the point of this post was supposed to be. I think something something why the fuck can’t I be sleepy at hours that are conducive to my work schedule. Oh maybe it was an ownership post? Hi I forget how to daily? But don’t worry because I also forgot how to oven and how to not-froth? I plan on remembering but hahaha ‘plan’? Ok bye.