cardamom spiced chocolate cake with strawberry chocolate frosting, and gin and basil cake with strawberry balsamic frosting.

(285) All the Hours in a Day

I slept till the gray
of ragged morning slid from 
my walls and my sheets,
and ran itself mirthlessly
across my frayed reluctance.

I sulked into my
coffee, its warmth a kindess
to my dragging sludge 
I let hours wander by
Ticking stillness on my neck.

With the day half gone
I flung myself to my tasks
Two cakes, my errands
seventeen sarcastic texts
and another knitted inch.

I am sitting on
the corner of my day off
and I am sated
like sex that stays too intense 
and slumber too deep for dreams.

My aching trudge, my 
tired sludge that slunk bloody 
to my afternoon
Left me complete, tied, filled, neat
Like an accidental gift

A boon.