(298) Visitor

This weekend was important to me. I’m easily overwhelmed and will happily opt out of functional activities if it means even five more minutes of blank-brain-itis. Agreeing to an entire weekend with a friend I only knew online was a big, nerve-fraying, deal. I had concerns.

I’m not big on plans. I usually have one or two things that I want to happen, and then everything else is varying shades of meh/sure. The want things are even flexible; the weekend isn’t only about what I want, and I am going to have a weekend that includes everyone The End. I want for other people to be navigators of our time, too.

So, out-of-town guests are particularly interesting. They don’t know my area, and they certainly don’t know my specific loves and interests, and all of that is part of why they visit. I have to plan stuff.

Which is why the freakouts are prominent in my house. How clean should the house be? Do I get a sliding pass becaause 3 dogs and I’m vaguely hipstery? What does a sliding pass mean; side eye and now I only get to come visit them, but not the other way around? What counts as an event? Can netflix be an event? Should I clean the inside of this fridge that sucks on a regular basis even without visitors? How important is current backyard maintenance? Does being broke earn us leeway or chagrin? Who will pay for my additional therapy sessions?

My guest-friend sidled in, and things were both new and ok at the same time. Our pets were ruffled and displeased and we were both in a constant state of processing information, but I think we got the basics covered:

I took her to my favorite wing place after we oggled the glass exhibit in the museum. She loved it.
I cooked for her. She loved it, even though I blasted her nose with gochujang.
We went to a concert, rocked out and sang like ecstatic hyenas, and then went to my favorite oyster place. She loved it, even though we were both exhausted and it was 73hrs since we’d last slept (it wasn’t. hyperbole, y’all).
We took her to our favorite local donut shop before her drive back. She loved it, chastised me for doing this to her, and loved it some more.
We had a wonderful time, Tre and I. ❤

I think we are friends IRL, y’all. Even though #doghair and #unwashedfridgeshelves and #ourdogshateeachother 
I think we’re real.