(85) (drunk post) (sorry not sorry) (*unsober)

Have you ever noticed that food is so much more caloriworthy when drunk? Look, I’ve spent a fair amount of time on either side of the spectrum and my unrelenting summary for you is: calories are better whenst drunkst periodette . (I am not sober right at this moment ok.)

My takeaway from tonight is a) people are much more real about their feelings as they grow into the idea that maybe those feelings matter more so than other things like bullshititis feedback from people that don’t matter and b) even without that realization, people are people, and I kind of love all of it.

Here’s the thing, though. ^^that kind of realization doesn’t happen unless you are confronted with a really amazing handful of peeps. And that’s the thing about healthy work environments, regardless of their miraculous occurrence; the peeps involved don’t care about politics unless they directly and fundamentally involve you. And if they do, they will tell you. Up front, and with no reservations. That’s what a healthy environment entails; an atmosphere where you can call shit out without it ending friendships and professional liaisons at the same time.

Anyway, my long, entirely unsober (can I tell you how much I wish I was in a drunken rant place right now???? For the utter sake of writing ease??? For shit’s sake. Why am I pissed off about a literal, tangible, nothingitis. I blame the amazing sum total that is the environment here. DAMN YOU AMAZING COLLEAGUES. YOU HAVE RUINED AN OTHERWISE EPIC DRUNKEN RANT BUT NO bc omg y’all have made the last week epic and lovely and worth it on every possible level ok bye. I’m drunk and not ranting. Somehow. ❤