Apparently Medium has Writing Prompts

Yo, I’ve searched for them. I found October’s, and December’s, and April’s. I think January and July’s, too. But I can’t find May’s (I know it has something to do with a short story) but whatever, it’s late and I’m cranky and there are no potato chips in this entire stupid adulting bullshititis house. Anyway if it’s May’s writing prompt and not a daily one, then I still have several days to do it. So fine.

I was going to write about my eye appointment (macular edema/T1 diabetes fuckery related) today. I got out of the appointment and, because I’d forgotten my sunglasses and dilated pupils are not here to bask in anything other than darkness and amnesia, squished my eyes shut against the first real sunlight we’ve had in weeks. I rode home with hubs and had the deep thoughts and the squaring of shoulders and the ok here comes the rest of the day and the hahahaha but fuckit here is some fried chicken and moar coffee. I did the rest of my day, and now I am tired and without thoughts or squaring of any kind, and I’m ready to sleep. Possibly without NyQuil!!!! See, this is where my depth is right now; my potential OTC drugless night.

So, I’ll be thoughtful some other day. I’ll find my humor crooning wistfully to itself on a moist rock in a humid field, laughing through whatever song has currently rendered that field, and all the life in it, a muggy spectacle to be embraced and endured simultaneously. Tonight I’ll sleep. I’ll let it all go, which is a thing that I used to not be able to do at all and now I can do sometimes. So I’ll let it all go, and be glad that I can.