Understanding the construction and the performance and the context adds a lot to the listening/reading, though.
I think that’s true, to a point, but there are so many layers to music and how it works together; I…
KimBoo York

Absolutely! But, I think I would argue that what it adds (haha or takes away, if the work is poorly done wheeeeee) makes the take away different in a horizontal fashion rather than a quantifiable one. It’s not the same as listening to a language without knowing how to speak it, I think. Maybe more like food; I know a bit about how it’s done, but if I’m presented with a pastry that is ornate and complex and involves technique that I’ve never encountered before, I’ll appreciate the pastry for its textures and flavors as well as for its inexplicable mystery. Which is a different sort of appreciation than if I knew how to make it and merely appreciated the successful execution of certain methods. I don’t know that I’d rank the emotional takeaway vertically. Ugh I have no idea if I’m even articulating clearly. I’m hungover and I need a time out.

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