I really don’t get this issue people have with difference.
Sherry Kappel

Absolutely, esp re good food! Obvs/yas.

The thing is, people do get to think you’re less or worse than other people because of…well, whatever they want. Does their choice to judge a certain way make them a certain type of person? Hell yes. But I think, along the lines of what I was saying in the OP, that self identity and sense of self worth gets very easily wrapped into parts of our lives that we maybe didn’t realize mattered so much. I think it’s why discussions often descend into personal attacks and cyclical statements. For me it all goes back to how we are vs how we treat others. And I think when someone talks about an issue that has a lot to do with how you (generally, not specific) see yourself, it’s easy for those lines to get blurry, you know?

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