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Ahahaha and here I am, thinking ‘we are one race’ is a way to sidle out of personal change and ownership for systemic racism! Welp.

It’s an interesting flip, the ‘what if a black person said it’. I know that if POC want to reclaim that phrase ‘all lives matter’ and all its cousins, the way the LGBTQ community reclaimed ‘queer’, and use it as a retort to police brutality etc etc, then I will stand with them while they do it. But I will not say it. I’m biracial, but I benefit from white privilege. So me saying it would mean different things. That said, I still hold that context matters; unity and peace are goals, and responding to someone’s truthful claims of dire oppression with some version of ‘we are one’ is not going to help them. Even if the person saying it is black. Context matters. You know?