Them That Works Eats

All of this. ❤️ I was also struggling with writing, consistently if at all, and a daily post challenge with KimBoo here on Medium changed my entire attitude towards writing. I was just talking to hubs about how much time goes into writing for no monies (I’d also just read something that said attention on the Internet is worthless or whatever), and wondered if I might be a giant child skirting adult responsibilities still.

Then I remembered: how many hours, how many years of practicing violin, and dumping buckets of money into lessons and classes and competitions, before I earned a single dime with it? How long was it before I truly believed I was worth any of the dimes I’d earned? (Then I kind of panicked because omfg I’m going to be 973 before I do anything worthwhile with my writing aaaaaaahhhh.) So. I think this lots-of-time-no-monies thing is totally normal.

Further, eff that article and its internet popularity myth blah blah fishcakes. No. I’m not on here to make contact with people that don’t matter. Medium has brought me real friends. It has shown me amazing writers who are willing to walk with me while I figure myself out. So, no. Screw that article.

Anyway, yes to all of this. Thank you so much for posting!!

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