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Awwww! Thank you so much!

I mean, just so I’m not out here being ridiculous about my teaching: I have my offputting bits as a teacher, too. They are often prevalent. Like, this story is a facet. 😂😬 I’m incredibly impatient and demanding and not very sympathetic to a variety of things (disrespect, not practicing for many weeks running, needing to be spoonfed old information). So. Wheeeeee?

(This PSA is not really for you: I think I just had myself an impromptu freak out about ppl (not you!) reading my thing and being like ‘oooo that CS thinks she’s the shit, doesn’t she!’ And maybe they still will, but my awareness as a teacher is something that is important to me, and something I work on a lot, and the work isn’t all fuzzy niceness, so HEY YOU PEEPS THINKING THAT: here’s this comment. Ok I’m done now. 😁) sorry for bogarting the response to you with this weird PSA.

*I’m loving your audio poems! I have more in my bookmarks. Can’t wait!

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