aka a link to the story from last week

Y’all I have to do a link again (instead of just deleting and reposting) for two reasons:

  1. I can’t bring myself to delete a story that folks have highlighted and commented on and clapped for and just generally supported. I can’t do it. It has to stay as is. I one time cried when a cloud rained on me because I thought it looked so nice before it went gray and suspect. So what I was four. Deleting a story could take me right out. I’m shhh now.
  2. It got featured in the Lit section!!!! I don’t know which of you wonderfuls did that, but it made my freakin day, so THANK YOU.

Here’s the link!

*as a side note, a month is a really long time on Medium and I am super sad I noob style clicked on all my unlockable stories in the first five minutes. I’m exactly the same as I was at seven when I insisted on not realizing that if I don’t save my dollar, then I won’t, in fact, have that dollar to spend later on something that I actually want. I’m seven. PSA y’all. am seven. ok the end.